2 prachtige verhalen van onze collega’s

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Wij werken niet alleen, SIM Bolivia heeft een team verspreid over heel het land dat zich met hart en ziel inzet om discipels te maken in gemeenschappen waar God het minst bekend is. Daarom delen we graag ook de verhalen van onze collega’s om u een inkijkje te geven in het zendingswerk hier in Bolivia.


The masked shiners of La Paz

[icon icon=icon-quote-left size=24px color=#000 ] In La Paz, the shiners hide their faces behind masks. Although shoe shiners work in all Bolivia’s major cities, a strong sense of shame is associated with being a shiner. There is a feeling that they are invisible in the eyes of society.
Some are so secretive about their work that spouses don’t even know.



Jonny speaks up for Jesus in Bolivia

[icon icon=icon-quote-left size=24px color=#000 ] Two million Bolivians have Quechua as their first language,” Jonny said. “To explain the gospel, you really need to do it Quechua… If you teach or preach in Spanish, you are using the language of the education system, so people feel they are being taught rather than discipled. But the gospel is all about relationship with Jesus. By using the Quechua heart language, I can emphasise that and it is easier to show Christ is part of everyday life, rather than just for Sunday; and that Christ is for everyone, not just those with special knowledge.”





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