Wat afstand doet met je familie en bediening

Een mooi verhaal over onze buren en collega’s hier in Sucre van SIM Stories (en hé, ik kom er ook nog in voor).

Distance alters the Andersons’ family and ministry

During the current COVID-19 crisis, being surrounded by family is a welcome comfort. Unfortunately, 11-year-old Joel Anderson, who attends boarding school in the UK, is unable to reunite with his parents, Jonny and Olga, SIM workers to Bolivia. While the familial separation is difficult, the Andersons are also encountering changes in missions work.

Jonny and Olga have served in Bolivia for 10 years, focussing on sharing the gospel with the Quechua community through orality ministry. The Andersons have two other children, Joanna, age 10, and Jonah, age nine, and they’re already seasoned homeschoolers

Their oldest, Joel, has now spent three years in boarding school, which have been enjoyable. However, his Easter holidays this year played out quite differently than expected.

Joel’s return flight through Madrid was cancelled from fear of infection. His backup route through Brazil was also disrupted when Bolivia announced that Europeans could not enter the country.

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